World Diabetes Day - Simon Hughes

World Diabetes Day


People should be made aware and alert to the dangers of diabetes, and today is the day to do it.

World Diabetes Day is to raise levels of awareness to the dangers posed by diabetes, which affects hundreds  millions of people across the world every day. People in our local area should be fully informed of the facts surrounding diabetes, including the causes, how to prevent it, and the awful effects it can potentially have on lives.

Over 2.7 million people suffer from diabetes in England, and well over 3 million in the UK as a whole. It is clear though, that it does not have to be that way. 70% of type 2 diabetes cases can be prevented by a healthy diet and regular physical activity. That is such a small investment for such a big difference. Over 150 million cases of type 2 diabetes would be avoided worldwide if people led just slightly healthier lifestyles.

Have a look at the graphics below and spread the word about diabetes. Use the infographics by posting them on social media, helping people gain a greater understanding of something that is so common, but understood so little.