Will you help protect UK aid? - Simon Hughes

Will you help protect UK aid?


On the 12th September, Michael Moore - a Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament - will attempt to enshrine in law 'the 0.7% pledge.' 

This means that, if the bill passes through Parliament, it will be part of our nation's law for us to contribute 0.7% of our national income to overseas development aid. 

Last year, the UK was the first of the G8 countries to reach this target since it was set in 1970 by the United Nations General Assembly, and I believe that we should continue this level of support.

People in Britain should be proud of the fact that they live in a generous society that provides opportunities for other people in countries less fortunate than our own. By upholding the 0.7% pledge, we can actually make our own country safer as we help in making other countries more prosperous and secure. 

If all other G8 countries met their 0.7% commitment then we could make a huge dent in global poverty and under-development, so I think it is absolutely right to support my colleague Michael's bill.

The bill will make sure the UK:

  1. Enshrines the 0.7% aid target in law.
  2. Continues to help millions of people with food, water, education, and medicine.
  3. Helps countries and NGOs plan their aid efforts.
  4. Leads other countries to provide the same aid funding as we do.

Let's continue to have a country that takes pride in helping the poorest people in the world.