Unexploded WW2 bomb: Afternoon update - Simon Hughes

Unexploded WW2 bomb: Afternoon update

The most recent update from the Ministry of Defence is that work is still ongoing, according to plan and on schedule. 

It is expected that the bomb will be removed from the site late this afternoon. This means that, all being well, residents should be able to return to their homes later today.
However, I have been informed that the situation could change, and as such, I would recommend you make plans just in case. 
I must commend the MoD and all of our local emergency services for their coordination over the last day and a half. I am sure this coordination will continue to make sure that transport in our area, and surrounding areas, face minimum disruptions as a result of it being moved - whenever that may be. 
The authorities are hopeful that residents will know whether they can return home by 5PM.
Meanwhile, the 200 metre cordon remains in place and there are currently 61 people at Seven Islands Leisure Centre and eight at the library. 
I will update you further once more information becomes available.