Hughes: Unemployment down, Bermondsey and Southwark on the way up! - Simon Hughes

Hughes: Unemployment down, Bermondsey and Southwark on the way up!

The Office for National Statistics has released its latest monthly unemployment figures which show that the number of unemployed claimants in Bermondsey & Old Southwark is now 117 lower than in November 2013, and 674 lower than in December 2012. 

Recent figures for London also show that levels of unemployed claimants are falling at a sure and steady rate – down from 175,288 in November 2013 to 169,633 in December 2013, a total fall of 5,655.

 Responding to the figures, Simon Hughes, MP for Bermondsey & Old Southwark, said:

 “We are beginning to see a sustained fall in employment, which reflects growing confidence from employers that the economy is being put back on track.

 ‘It is now vital that we do not put the recovery at risk and continue to support businesses across Bermondsey and Southwark to expand and take on more employees. I want our community to become one of the most business friendly areas of London, which is why I am working hard with Southwark Liberal Democrats to regenerate our high streets and improve our local transport.

Local Liberal Democrats are also part of the ‘One Million Jobs’ campaign so that we can work with employers in Bermondsey, Southwark and around the country to kick-start job creation and put the economy back on track.”