Too Many Cycling Casualties in Southwark - Simon Hughes

Too Many Cycling Casualties in Southwark

Hundreds are expected to attend the National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence today at Bedford square to protest the unacceptably high number of bicycle casualties in the UK.

Every year, there are too many local cyclists injured in traffic accidents, which is why improving cycling infrastructure, identifying the dangerous drivers, and offering cycle training should be top of the agenda.

2013 saw 14 traffic related bicycle deaths, London-wide, and the total number of accidents in the city continues to increase: a worrying trend that has shown no sign of a let-up since 2005.  

In 2013, Southwark suffered 263 traffic related cycling injuries.  It is clear that this number is too high.  We need to reduce the chance of another tragedy in our community – the type of tragedy that occurred when the lives of people such as Abdelkhalak Lahyani, Meryem Ozekman and Richard Muzira were ended far too prematurely.

We clearly must do more to protect the safety of cyclists, and today's march is a symbol of that need.