The postbox is your ballot box - Simon Hughes

The postbox is your ballot box

If you are unable to vote on May 7th, then the only way to make sure your voice is heard is to cast a postal vote, for which you can register here.
I am fighting for more affordable homes, the future of our NHS, and a stronger economy that will create more jobs and more apprenticeships.

Affordable Homes

The only way Bermondsey can have the affordable homes it needs is by having a Member of Parliament who will fight for you. I have a plan to tackle the affordable homes crisis in our local community.

I am fighting for; moving to 50% of all new developments to be affordable; for developers to publish their Economic Viability Assessments before planning is agreed to; for housing policy to be based on public need not private demand; for homes advertised locally first, rather than in Singapore or Hong Kong; and for the public to have a right of appeal to the Government when the Labour Council breaks its promise of 35% affordable housing in every new development. 

Your NHS

The only way to secure the future of Guy's and our local GP practices is to back the £8 billion extra a year I want to put into the NHS by 2020. No other party has pledged to do this. They will not put their money where their heart is. 

I fought to save Guy's when the Tories tried to close it down, and there is now an Urgent Care Centre on the site because of the campaign we ran together after Labour closed the A&E.

I will fight for £2.5 billion Care closer to home fund, that will make sure people have the care they need, when and where they need it.

By providing top quality care at home for the people of Southwark, we can ease the strain on our hospitals and GPs - saving the NHS for years to come.

The Economy

The only way we can have the fairer society - with more affordable homes and a well funded NHS - is by having a stronger economy.

I will always fight to create more jobs and more apprenticeships in our local area. Unemployment and youth unemployment, are at record lows. 132,000 people are paying £825 less tax than they were five years ago and there have been 6,000 new apprenticeships in Southwark alone.

Labour will borrow £70 billion more than I want to over the next five years. With them, it's the same old story - they want to take out the country's credit card and use the people of Bermondsey as the guarantee.

The only way forward is to eradicate the deficit by 2018, so people in Bermondsey aren't paying off the interest payments Labour ran up whilst last in government longer than they need to. 

I am fighting for you, and with a stronger economy we can create a fairer society with the affordable homes, NHS and jobs you deserve.