The NHS - Simon Hughes


Do you remember when the Tory government tried to close Guy's hospital? You gave me the privilege of leading the campaign, fighting for a cause that meant so much to people in our community. 

Do you remember when Labour tried to close the A&E at Guy's and together we made sure there was an Urgent Care Centre?

I have always fought for our NHS and I always will. 

My priorities for the NHS are clear. I will fight to provide the £8bn a year extra the NHS has said it needs to secure it's future and I will fight to end the inequality between mental health services and physical health services by providing £3.5bn over the next six years for mental health treatment. Care should also be closer to home, by integrating health and social care.

But I am fighting to lessen the strain on the health services in other ways too. 

Poor quality housing is one of the biggest drivers of ill health. With more high quality affordable homes for the people in our community, we can have a healthier and happier community.

Unemployment is one of the greatest causes of stress in our society, and that means people are forced to go to the doctors for for medication. I fought to create 6,000 apprenticeships in Southwark over the last five years so that young people have a bright future in work and are not stressed by the thought of joblessness. The only way to secure the health of young people in Bermondsey is to have an MP that will fight for a stronger economy that creates opportunity for everyone.

The elderly have benefited from a cap on the price of care - making sure that the older generation do not have to sell their homes to be looked after. Pensioners are also better off now than ever before because of the 'Triple lock guarantee' that I fought for in government. 

The cycling and pedestrian bridge that I am fighting for from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf will encourage people who work in the City not to use public transport - a healthier lifestyle choice.

Labour may pay lip service to the NHS but they can't commit to the level of funding it needs because they don't have a credible economic plan over the next five years. They will still be borrowing and paying off the interest payments on our national debt by 2020, which means there won't be any extra money for our health services. 

The only way you can have a properly funded, secure NHS is to pay off our national debt by 2017/18.

I have a record of fighting for your NHS in our community and the only way you can make sure I continue to fight for it is by voting for me on May 7th.