The Gove Files - Simon Hughes

The Gove Files


A five-year battle to improve and protect our community's schools from Tory, Michael Gove

Things we stopped Michael Gove from doing:

1. Profit-making free schools

2. Bringing back the old O-level and CSE divide

3. Cutting new nursery buildings

4. Rewriting history in the national curriculum

5. Axing climate change from national curriculum

6. Early Years Ratio Changes

7. Axing speaking and listening and human rights from the national curriculum

8. Politicising Ofsted


Things we did despite Michael Gove:

1. A £2.5bn Pupil Premium

2. Universal Free School Meals for infants

3. Duty for schools to provide careers advice


Things Michael Gove did stop against our will:

1. Mandatory PSHE, including sex education

2. Nutritional standards in schools

3. More local accountability & support for schools

4. Ofsted inspecting chains of academies


Things we tried to stop and would reverse:

1. Free schools in places where the new schools are not needed

2. Free schools not requiring qualified teachers

3. Free schools not needing planning permission