The Budget 2015: Media Reaction - Simon Hughes

The Budget 2015: Media Reaction


Following a budget that had Liberal Democrat policies at its core, see some of the media's reaction here 

On our plans to give pensioners more freedom with their money and commissioning the biggest ever review of business rates

“Both of these are very sensible ideas; and in these...cases the Liberal Democrats influence has been positive

The Daily Telegraph, page 2, 18/3/15, Allister Heath:  

On Liberal Democrat influence on the budget, overall

“As it is we’re told to expect a Budget skewed towards the Lib Dems’ aim of offering most help to those at the bottom of the income scale”

Daily Mail, page 14, 18/3/15, ‘comment’: 


Miliband had fewer good gags, but took unseemly pleasure in sideswiping the Liberal Democrats, who had made a big and beneficial impact on yesterday’s events”

The Independent, page 2, 19/3/15, ‘Dividing Line’: 

On Liberal Democrat influence in raising the tax free personal allowance to £10,600 over the last five years

“The chancellor threw an unscripted nod to the Liberal Democrats in the tax section of his speech, stressing that it was coalition policy behind the personal income tax allowance rising to “£10,600 this year”

The Daily Telegraph, page 8, 19/3/15, Marion Dakers’:


“Steady increase in the personal allowance - a Lib Dem policy rather than a Tory one

Daily Telegraph, page 25, 19/3/15, Jeremy Warner: 



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