Southwark Pensioners’ Parliament - Simon Hughes

Southwark Pensioners’ Parliament

It was very good to host Southwark Pensioners Parliament in Westminster again today. I know that active Southwark pensioners value very much the opportunity to speak regularly with their elected representatives about issues of concern to them. 

Today we spent time specifically looking at safety for retired people in Southwark. The main pensioners’ debate today was about how older people should protect themselves against bogus callers on the phone and on the doorstep and against people who send scam email or other messages attempting to con pensioners out of their money or other property.

It was very good to welcome guest speakers. These were Detective Inspector Rob Harper, head of partnerships for the Met Police in Southwark, Detective Inspector Soraya Hoskins from the Fraud Office at Scotland Yard and two officers from Southwark Council, Safeguarding Manager John Emery and Paul Gander, leader of the Trading Standards team.

 Useful numbers were shared at the meeting - included below - which people may wish to note.



To report fraud:
In emergencies or for immediate response, call 999.
If it is not an emergency, call 101.

Safer Neighbourhood Teams – every neighbourhood in Southwark has a designated team; contacts for your area are available online here:

If you have concerns about Trading Standards:
Call Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 08454040506 or email