Southwark Business says “We wouldn’t exist if the UK left the EU” - Simon Hughes

Southwark Business says “We wouldn’t exist if the UK left the EU”


Southwark businesses say our continuing membership of the EU is vital to their future growth.

Liberal Democrat Bermondsey & Old Southwark MP Simon Hughes and Liberal Democrat European Parliamentary Candidate Dr. Richard Davis visited new cutting plant, Lobo Meat and Poultry this week to discuss how remaining in Europe is to key to the prosperity of local Southwark companies.

Lobo Meat and Poultry opened in the heart of London last year and have experienced growing demand since opening. The premise is the largest EC approved cutting plant in Central London and is one of the main distributors of meat and poultry to the Afro-Caribbean communities of South London.

Since opening with three staff last year the company has now expanded to employ 10 people and provides training opportunities with their master butchers.

Commenting, Keith Lobo, Owner and Director of Lobo Meat and Poultry said:

“If the UK left the EU we wouldn’t exist. We are a global company, sourcing meat from across the EU. If we left the EU we would lose out to larger companies as they fill quotas for imports which we cannot compete with.”

Commenting, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, Simon Hughes said:

“This is a fantastic firm that is helping drive the economy here in south London. It is also a prime example of why Liberal Democrats are the party of ‘IN’ and support our membership of the EU. Without our membership of the EU Lobo Meat and Poultry say they wouldn’t exist, and with that jobs and growth would be lost, which would have a direct and detrimental effect on our community.”

Commenting, Liberal Democrat London European Parliamentary Candidate Dr. Richard Davis said:

“Lobo Meat and Poultry is a prime example of a local business that has found a niche in the market supplying to local communities and generating employment.

“If the UK left the EU this would jeopardise the future of this and similar companies and the jobs they have created. It is clear how small local businesses are reliant on our continued membership in Europe for jobs and economic growth.

“The Tories and UKIP are putting millions of British jobs at risk and jeopardising billions of pounds of investment by undermining our membership of the EU.”