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Statement on Manchester Attack

My thoughts and prayers are with all who have tragically lost their lives or been affected by the suicide attack on Manchester Arena last night.

We are with you all in love and solidarity.

Out of respect for those murdered and injured in Manchester, the Liberal Democrats and I have cancelled all general election campaigning today.

I have contacted Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester and Cllr John Leech (who are both former colleagues and personal friends) to send my heartfelt love and solidarity for them, their leadership and all of Greater Manchester today.

We must never yield in the struggle for good to overcome evil. We must never back down in the fight against terror. These are the liberal values I believe in and which I will continue to fight for each and every day.

Rt Hon Sir Simon Hughes

Liberal Democrat Candidate and former Minister for Justice


Not Campaigning Today - Our Thoughts Are With Manchester

Out of respect for those murdered & injured in Manchester, we will not be campaigning today.  Thoughts and prayers are with all those affected.


Congratulations to Millwall!

Thanks to Steve Morison’s excellent goal in the second half, it is with immense joy that I congratulate #Millwall on their promotion to the Championship today. Proud to be there for every one of the 95 minutes. What pride. The lions roar!

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Liberal Democrats manifesto launches tomorrow!

The Liberal Democrats' party manifesto launches across the nation tomorrow.

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Simon Hughes comments on Garden Bridge

Commenting on the news that the Mayor of London has withdrawn support for the Garden Bridge, Simon Hughes said:

“This is another nail in the coffin of Boris Johnson’s self-serving legacy at a huge cost to the taxpayer.

“We welcome the Mayor’s decision but remain angry that so much time and money has already been wasted on this unnecessary vanity project by the previous and current occupants of City Hall. 

“All the public money already spent on the Garden Bridge could have been better used on river crossings where they are really needed. For nearly 10 years, I have campaigned for a cycle and pedestrian bridge between Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf; this should now be constructed as soon as possible.”



Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bermondsey and Old Southwark

Responding to the Prime Minister’s announcement of her intention to seek a general election on 8th June, Simon Hughes said:

‘Liberal Democrats across Southwark are raring to go back to local voters, and relish the prospect of a general election on 8th June in all three Southwark constituencies.

‘In Bermondsey and north Southwark we are determined to win back the seat from Labour and it's really clear we can do so. Labour, Liberals and Liberal Democrats are the only parties to have won any seats in this area since the second world war, and in June we have as good a chance of winning again as we have ever had.

‘Labour are not a credible party of government nationally, and locally Bermondsey and Southwark voters need an MP again who will concentrate on fighting for the people of our borough all the year round rather than spending huge amounts of time on fighting internal battles in the Labour Party.

‘If I am selected again to be our general election candidate locally, I shall give 100%  to lead the local campaign. With our hugely talented Liberal Democrat team in Southwark Council and at City Hall and our record ever number of local party members, we know we are in for the hardest of battles but are sure we can win.’



Letter to Lewisham Council

Letter to Cllr. Alan Smith, Lewisham Council

Letter to Cllr. Alan Smith, Lewisham Council (part 2)


Lewisham should talk to Millwall not threaten them

Commenting on plans by Labour-run Lewisham Council to this week agree the compulsory purchase of land used by Millwall Football Club at The Den for sale to a private developer, Simon Hughes, Bermondsey MP for over thirty years and now a trustee of the Millwall Community Trust and the independent Director of the London Football Association, said;

"However embarrassing for the Mayor and councillors to change their minds, if Lewisham Council have any understanding of the benefit of Millwall FC and Millwall Community Trust to the people of Lewisham and Southwark they should stop the compulsory purchase plan now.

"I am asking Lewisham Cabinet members in the strongest terms to talk to Millwall not threaten them. Lewisham Council should be supporting their borough's biggest sporting asset not putting the local future of the Club and the Trust at risk."

Liberal Democrat party leader Tim Farron MP said:

“Football clubs are a crucial part of British society and are at the heart of our communities. Aside from what goes on on the pitch, clubs create jobs, often support local initiatives and are a boost to local economies. Whilst I am a Blackburn Rovers fan I know how heartbreaking it would be for Millwall’s fans and the local community if their club was forced to move against their wishes. The details of this case seem quite extraordinary and I hope that the Council don’t take actions that could risk the club’s future in the area.

“Fans often worry about the impact a change of owner may have on their club’s future, they shouldn’t have to worry that a club’s own local Council would have a profound, unwanted impact.

“Sometimes fans and clubs want – or need – to move ground, or change how they operate, but this should be done with the fan’s having their say which is why the Liberal Democrats want to see recognised Supporters’ Trusts and fans should have input into major decisions affecting their clubs.  We need to reclaim the people’s game – football is more than just a sporting contest and it is time that was recognised”


Response to Boundary Commission plans

Responding to this week's new recommendations of the independent Boundary Commission for England, Simon Hughes, the prospective Liberal Democrat candidate and the MP until last year for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, said:

'Around the UK, the basis for the Boundary Commission plans should be the number of voters at the referendum not the lower number last year - but we may not win that battle.

'Locally, the new plans are not perfect but it is great that the Boundary Commission has dropped its last dreadful plans to carve up Bermondsey & Rotherhithe into two different seats, partly with Lewisham and partly with Lambeth.

'Under the new plans announced this week, only a little bit of Bermondsey stays outside this new seat, and the SE1 part of the Waterloo South Bank is added to Blackfriars and the Southwark South Bank.

'Whenever the election comes, Liberal Democrats are ready to win back the seat Labour snatched last year.  The recent local election in Surrey Docks shows our strong local recovery; Liberal Democrats won more votes locally this summer than all the other parties put together.

'We also now have hundreds of new local members and helpers in our team.

'Another Labour MP who has to spend time on the fight in his own party is not what local people need. I will again put local residents first, and challenge the Labour council, the Mayor and the Tory government. We must urgently build hundreds of homes at affordable prices, and provide the transport, training and jobs which our communities need.'


Please, please, please 'Vote Remain' in the referendum this week.

The European Union may need many improvements but we have no say if we decide to leave.

Leaving the EU will risk jobs and trade and could cause a major economic crisis, with the value of the pound falling and major investment quickly moving away. 

Leaving the EU is bound to add to domestic and international instability and insecurity. 

And leaving the EU could threaten not just the unity of the UK but the unity of the rest of Europe, which has been peaceful and collaborative for 70 years.

At home it could lead to an even more right-wing Conservative government led by someone like Boris Johnson which would be even less willing to support the NHS and other public services and even less willing to support the poor and the less well off.

But worse even than all these things, leaving the EU means that we would for the first time since 1945 turn away from international leadership towards international isolation. At the moment we have the benefit of leadership in the UN, and the Commonwealth, and NATO and the EU. Leave and we will lose much of our influence in international development and diplomacy in all of these places.

We have never given away control of our country to unelected people in Brussels; what we have done is decide that our elected representatives will share decisions with other democratically elected government ministers, who very rarely take decisions we do not agree with. 

The last thing I want is a new form of nationalistic Independence Day to mark the beginning of the UK moving away from collaboration with our nearest neighbours, reducing the European nature of Britain and which will give big problems to all of us and especially to Northern Ireland and Gibraltar. 

Vote Remain on Thursday 23rd June!

Please, please, please vote remain. Let us lead in the world and in our continent and not retreat from them. 

Each and every vote could make the difference. Please vote for a sane and civilised future this week, and don't be misled by some of the most dishonest claims in the recent history of British politics. 

Simon Hughes