Simon visits the Liberal Party of Montenegro - Simon Hughes

Simon meets with the Liberal Party of Montenegro

This week Simon met with the President and Vice President of the Liberal Party of Montenegro, Andrija Popovic MP and Satka Hajdarpasic. 


Below is a press release from the Liberal Party about the visit. 

“Andrija Popovic, President of the Satka and Hajdarpašić potrpredsjednica Liberal Party of Montenegro met today with the Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, Mr. Simon Hughes who was also the longstanding Deputy Leader of the UK Liberal Democrat Party, until January this year.

At a meeting held in the British Embassy in Podgorica interlocutors stressed that the participation of the Liberal Party in the executive branch is of great importance for a comprehensive picture of Montenegro as the country goes through rapid steps towards Euro- Atlantic integration.

Minister Simon Hughes said he was pleased at the maximum contribution given by the Liberal Party to the strengthening of the rule of law and human rights in Montenegro and that – in accordance with the programs of the European Liberal Democrats – he strongly supports the idea of membership of Montenegro in the NATO alliance. Popovic President reiterated the guarantor of security in the region that membership in NATO would be and recognizes the invaluable support of the UK countries for the region.

Deputy Hajdarpašić added that for stability in the region, it is necessary that all the pro Euro-Atlantic structures in Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina utilize all available mechanisms to realize the final goal of receiving a call for člansvo in NATO's next summit in Wales.

Mr. Hughes expressed the willingness of the British Liberals to give their full support to the Liberal Party of Montenegro as they implement their program of liberal-democratic principles and further outlined the UK Liberal Democrats support for the Liberal party in the coming parliamentary elections.

The meeting concluded by resolving that the participation of the Liberals in government contributes to reforming the image of Montenegro in important European centers; that the European Union is an economic community dedicated to constant progress and well-being of all its citizens conditioned by the shared values ​​of freedom and diversity of individuals. These values are together upheld by the Liberal Party and the Liberals Democrats.”