Simon Hughes tribute to Barry Albin - Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes tribute to Barry Albin

If anybody represented the best of Bermondsey, that person was Barry Albin Dyer.

He loved and cared for tens of thousands of people and families in Bermondsey and further afield and they and we all loved him back. His whole family have been just wonderful, and in his final days have watched over him like angels in the difficult days and hours before his death. Simon, Jon, Jackie and all Barry’s family know they have the love, prayers and support of thousands of people every day. This will continue always, because nothing can undo what Barry has done and given and meant to us all.”

Barry has been a caring, generous, thoughtful and honest friend for many years. I have been privileged to share many happy occasions with Barry and his family, and saw at first hand how much he adored his family and firm and cared for them every day. Among all the achievements in Barry’s richly full life and career, the responsibility for all the funerals of our service men and women who died around the world was perhaps the greatest badge of honour for F.A. Albin & Sons. Barry was rightly honoured by the Queen and made one of her Deputy Lieutenants for London, and regularly visited by the royal family and VIPs from home and abroad. But he always saw events like the annual Albin’s memorial service for local families as equally important.

Barry made sure his sons and everybody at Albins paid equal attention to the needs of everyone who asked for their help, whatever their circumstances. He was enormously generous to local people in need over the years. Simon and Jon and all the family has shown over the years that they have had devotion without limit to Barry. I know for certain that all that Barry created and developed will be in the safest possible hands.