Simon Hughes Statement on being knighted - Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes statement on being knighted

Simon Hughes said: “This is a great surprise and it is very humbling to be in the company of such clearly worthy individuals.

“I just want to thank the people of Bermondsey and Southwark. They put their trust in me as their member of parliament for more than 32 years and for that I am truly grateful.

“This honour is a testament to the hard work of so many different people and belongs as much to them as to me.”


Full text from cabinet office RE: Simon's knighthood

The Right Honourable Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes was the constituency MP for Bermondsey and the northern part of the Borough of Southwark from 1983 until the recent General Election. He has been the Liberal Democrats’ official spokesman on a wide range of issues and has served both as the party’s President and its Deputy Leader and as Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties. He was HM Government’s Advocate for Access to Education, 2010-11. He is an Honorary Fellow of London South Bank University, past President of the British Youth Council, a Trustee of the Rose Theatre Trust and is currently President of the Southwark Chamber of Commerce.