Simon Hughes makes parks history offer at 150th anniversary conference - Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes makes parks history offer at 150th anniversary conference

Simon Hughes, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, made an anniversary offer to the Friends of Southwark Park and the other borough parks on the first day of summer, last weekend.

Simon made his offer at the annual conference for members of the friends organisations of all the different parks in Southwark when they gathered in Southwark Park last Saturday.

Simon Hughes said: “It is great this year to celebrate 150 years of Southwark Park and to see the borough’s parks conference come to Southwark Park for the first time. I want to make an offer to mark this special anniversary occasion.

“One of my jobs in government is to be responsible for the National Archives – all national public records going back for centuries - which are kept together in Kew. I propose that over the next 12 months the young people in Southwark, the parks friends organisations and Southwark council cabinet member Barry Hargrove and his staff work with me and the National Archives to collect together the records of the history of our great parks.

“The campaigns for Southwark’s parks have seen debates and petitions and legislation in parliament and community action by many other people. History shows that improvements in our communities happen through the efforts of individuals and groups, and not by accident. We have many wonderful parks to be proud of and this year is a great opportunity to research and record their history, to inspire the generations to come.”