Simon Hughes launches petition to save local pubs - Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes launches petition to save local pubs

Simon Hughes, MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, has launched a petition to save all Southwark pubs from closure.

The petition fits in with a campaign Simon recently launched to put pressure on Southwark Council to do more to prevent local pubs from closing down and to recognise the vital role public houses play in the community. Simon wants Bermondsey and Old Southwark to become the first constituency to list all of its public houses as valuable community assets.

That means we wouldn't lose any more local pubs without at least a public debate and opportunity for the public to express its support for keeping an individual pub in business.

Following the ongoing threat to the Huntsman and Hounds in Walworth, the Walworth Society will now apply to register all pubs in SE17. In addition, local Liberal Democrats have worked with tenants and residents in Bermondsey to successfully list the Grange in Bermondsey, a decision which was made today. They are hoping to do the same for the St James' Tavern in St James' Road.

Simon Hughes said:

"Our local pubs are absolutely fundamental to the character and quality of life in Southwark and in our capital city.

"Unless all Southwark pubs are classified as valuable community assets, we are in danger of running behind the action if we only respond as and when we hear facts and rumours about individual pubs which might include plans to end their public house use.

"I hope that as many people as possible in the borough will sign the petition."

To sign the petition, please follow the link below:




Under the Localism Act, the government introduced new powers for communities to nominate pubs as valuable community assets. This gives the public the opportunity to intervene in order to prevent the sale or change of use of a pub, if it feels this would deprive the community as a whole of its use.

Listing a pub can be hugely beneficial because it shows that a pub is important to the local community and it adds a further level of protection because the listed status of a pub can be used by a local authority as a material consideration in a relevant planning application, such as if a pub is threatened with conversion to residential use. Getting a pub listed could therefore help put off property developers who want to avoid a contentious planning application.