Shared Parental Leave starts as of yesterday - Simon Hughes

April 5th marks beginning of shared parental leave

I am very pleased that yesterday shared parental leave took hold, marking the start of a system that will allow parents to spend more time with their children, and make better decisions for their family. This policy was supported, created by, and carried through by myself and my Liberal Democrat colleagues. Read everything you need to know here:

What is shared parental leave?

Under our new system, couple will be able to share parental leave if the mother opts to end her maternity leave and pay early. Working couples will be able to shre untaken maternity leave and pay, following the first two weeks recover period that mothers have to take off after birth, so up to 50 weeks of leave and 37 weeks of pay can be shared.

When does it start?

The new entitlements took force as of yesterday, April 5th.

Where can I find out if I qualify?

If you click here you can read the government’s advice page. In short, you could qualify for shared parental leave if your baby is due on or after April 5, 2015. 

What else are you doing for parents?

If re-elected, I want to establish an additional month paternity leave for dads, tripling their current entitlement. This would be exclusively for fathers on a ‘use it or lose it’ basis. This means total parental leave would be extended to 58 weeks. 

I am clear that Liberal Democrats were the driving force behind this momentous occasion, and I now want to go further by championing the role of dads by giving them extended paternity leave. Scientific research shows that children who spend more time with both parents have better lives, and where possible I believe it is the government's duty to secure our younger generation's future.