SE16 Broadband Update - Simon Hughes

SE16 Broadband Update


I am fighting for better broadband connections in SE16 so that residents and businesses alike can play a full role in our ever growing digital economy, enjoying the same connection speeds as others around the country.

Further to a previous letter at the end of last year that was sent to locals, below is an update for residents and businesses in SE16 on the work I have been doing to improve broadband speeds in the Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks areas.

Virgin Media

As you may have seen in recent news reports, Virgin Media has announced that they will be investing £3billion to connect approximately 4 million UK homes and businesses to superfast broadband.This is great news for the residents of SE16.

When I wrote to Virgin Media in 2013 asking if they would be interested in expanding their coverage to Rotherhithe and Surrey Docks I did not receive any positive response.

However, with this recent announcement from Virgin Media I have written to their chief executive Tom Mockeridge once again to put forward the case for SE16.

In the meantime I strongly recommend that if you are experiencing slow broadband you visit the Virgin Media website and register your interest for faster broadband. The more people who register, the stronger the business case is for Virgin Media to expand here. If you are a resident, you can register your interest here and if you are a business you can register here. I hope this is useful.

BT and Hyperoptic

It was recently bought to my attention that some people at Greenland Passage, Rainbow Quay and South Dock Marina have been experiencing problems with their Hyperoptic connection because of problems with BT’s cabling ducts.

I then spoke to the managing director of Hyperoptic to ask her about these problems. She informed me that BT have been very unhelpful in this matter and have not been able to make much progress in resolving the issue. She also informed me that other companies have had similar problems with BT in the past.

This is completely unacceptable behaviour. If BT Openreach is unwilling to provide high speed internet to SE16 customers themselves, it is very worrying to see that they are now not being helpful to customers who have been forced to go elsewhere.

This is why I have written to BT, on behalf of Hyperoptic, asking them for a full explanation of the problem and to make sure these issues are resolved with the upmost urgency.

Rotherhithe Broadband Group

At the beginning of December, I organised and held a meeting with local businesses and stakeholders with the Rotherhithe Broadband group in the hope of securing some funding for their plans to install their own community fibre network.

I am pleased to inform you that the meeting was very successful with several of the businesses pledging to support the group both financially and with expertise.

Despite this the group still have more work to do building up their business plan before they can start to lay cables. However I can assure you that I will continue to support the group in whatever way I can.

If you want to be more involved in the Rotherhithe Broadband Group I recommend you contact them at

I will provide another update soon.


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