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Real Stories from Local People

I've fought for the people in this community for 32 years. Here are four real stories from local people. 

Mehdi's story


"I was very nearly executed by the Iranian government. They killed my boyfriend and would have killed me. Being gay is a death sentence in Iran. I was 19 years old. I had no idea what was going to happen."

You can read Mehdi's full story here

Denzil's Story


"My twin brother, John, was stabbed in an East London pub 18 years ago. No one has ever paid the price for John's murder, adding beyond measure to the pain my family feel."

You can read Denzil's full story here. 

Sharon and Dennis's Story


"I was pushing my babies, Billy and Luke, in their pram, near Tesco when some 14 year old joy riders crashed onto the pavement and crushed Billy to death."

Read Sharon and Dennis's full story here.

Kerstin's Story


"A prison in Tenerife is not where I expected my two sons to end up when they went on holiday. They spent 19 months there, victims of mistaken identity charged with attempted murder."

Read Kerstin's full story here.