Our Local and European Manifestos - Simon Hughes

Our Local and European Manifestos

Supporting homes, kids and jobs. 

Southwark Liberal Democrats’ Manifesto

Local elections take place in Southwark on 22 May 2014. Southwark Liberal Democrats have put together a wide-ranging and fully costed manifesto, focussing on homes, kids and jobs.

Our top priorities are:

1. Stop Labour’s council homes sell-off

2. Free childcare hours for all 2, 3 and 4 year olds

3. 1,000 new apprenticeships

4. Cut council tax for every resident 

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Read our local manifesto

 European Election Manifesto 2014

On 22 May, your choice is simple: do you think Britain is better off in Europe or do you want us out of it? 

The Liberal Democrats are now Britain’s only party of IN. We want Britain to stay in Europe – because that is how we keep our country strong, prosperous, safe and green.

We know the EU isn't perfect but we can only make Europe better if we stay in a position of influence at the centre.

Our Manifesto sets out how we will:

  • Create more jobs from trade within Europe
  • Help fight crime across Europe
  • Protect the environment and create green jobs
  • Reform the EU to cut waste, protect the UK’s influence in the Single Market and strengthen the role of the Westminster Parliament in scrutinising EU legislation

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