Better access to your GP? Back my fight for an NHS digital revolution - Simon Hughes

Better access to your GP? Back my fight for an NHS digital revolution


You told me through my local health survey that you want better access to your GP, which is why I am fighting for a digital revolution in the NHS.

You can see above that when I asked you what you thought of our local health services, the words most frequently mentioned were words such as “Saturday”, “open”, and “work”.

Clearly, residents in our community are frustrated about opening times and the ability to see the doctor at a convenient time.

Your frustrations - and the recommendations of Simon Stevens, who is the CEO of NHS England - are the reasons I am fighting to set aside £250m. This funding will be used for new technology in a bid to create a paperless health service.

This “Transformation Fund”, on top of the £8bn a year I am already fighting for, will deliver the changes you want.

The money will be used to make more doctor appointments and repeat prescriptions available online.

It will also be used to improve GP access by encouraging more patients to contact their doctors by Skype.

The residents of our local area need an MP who will fight for them, so that they have the NHS they need and deserve.

It’s the same old story with Labour, who give warm words to the NHS but can’t stump up the hard cash it actually needs. They will spend £7bn less on the NHS than I would over the next five years and the reason for this is clear:

Without a stronger economy you cannot have a secure NHS.

Labour are economically illiterate, and it shows. I want to clear the deficit by 2018 and increase investment in public services from then on. Labour won’t clear it till 2020, dragging out the pain and borrowing £70bn more than necessary. They will be using the people of Bermondsey to pay off their credit card bill.

If you’re busy paying off interest payments on national debt, you can’t invest in the NHS. Voting for me is the only way to improve access to GPs through a digital NHS revolution.

I have always fought with you for our NHS, and with your help I always will.