New rules to stop nuisance calls and texts - Simon Hughes

New rules to stop nuisance calls and texts
Companies who make nuisance calls and texts are to be hit with huge fines – under new Liberal Democrat changes to the law.

Previously such companies would have to have been shown to have caused “substantial damage or substantial distress”, however the government has now removed this requirement.

This will give the regulator the ability to intervene in more cases.

Being pestered by unwanted marketing calls and texts can bring real misery for the people on the receiving end. Liberal Democrats have already increased the level of fine available to punish rogue companies.

These latest changes to the law are a great victory for Mike Crockart, the Liberal Democrat MP who has led the charge on this issue.

“It is fantastic to see the government taking action to give the Information Commissioner’s Office the powers it needs in order to take effective enforcement action against firms which bombard people across the UK with nuisance calls every day,” said Crockart.

“In my view, one nuisance call is one too many and today’s announcement sends a loud and clear message that if you break the rules you will be identified and fined.”

Mike Crockart is the founder and chair of a parliamentary group on nuisance calls, and launched the ‘No 2 Nuisance Calls’ campaign – presenting a petition of 20,000 signatures to Downing Street.

This change will come into effect from 6 April 2015.

Board-level executives could also be held responsible for nuisance calls and texts – with the government confirming that it will look at introducing measures to make this possible.