More young people in work - Simon Hughes

More young people in work


Since 2012, 1490 young people in our constituency have improved their career prospects through apprenticeships.

In the period 2012-2013, 850 chose to gain on-the-job qualifications, while 640 did between 2013-2014. Business, administration and law was the most popular career field amongst our local young people, but Retail and Commercial Enterprise was also a common choice.

It is very pleasing to see that a lot of people were engaged in advanced level apprenticeship qualifications, with 510 studying at that level over the last two years.

Of the total number, 960 were learning a new trade at intermediate level – showing that appetite for qualifications while working is still strong.

Roughly 3,000 apprenticeships have been created in our constituency since 2010, and over 6,000 in Southwark as a whole. Nationally, we recently passed the 2 million mark in apprenticeship starts since 2010.

If we are to build a fairer society – one with opportunity for the next generation, then the success of apprenticeships needs to be built upon. They have already improved in quality, and are a legitimate alternative to obtaining a degree, which has not always been the case.

Apprenticeships are giving young people in our community an opportunity to improve their lives.

Unemployment amongst young people is falling, but I want more local apprenticeships and more local jobs to keep the numbers falling.

Learn more about apprenticeships by visiting the government’s website.