Manifesto for Mind Pledges £3.5 billion more for mental health - Simon Hughes

Manifesto for the mind pledges £3.5 billion more for mental health

 I am committed to spending £3.5bn more on mental health care in England over the next parliament.

The money would be spent on revolutionising children's and adult mental health care including:

  • £250m over five years for pregnant women and mums dealing with depression. This would include eight new mother and baby units providing inpatient care for pregnant women and new mums and 40 new community services helping new mums adjust to life at home with a new born. 
  • New waiting time standards for people in crisis and for conditions like bipolar disorder so that those who are ill know how long they have to wait.
  • Hundreds of thousands more people will get access to talking therapies for anxiety and depression.

The extra funding will help people like Kat get the treatment and support they need to tackle their mental health conditions.

Where we stand on the NHS:

You can read the BBC's breakdown on where the political parties stand here but below is a graph that 38 Degrees tweeted a few days ago. 

It shows that Liberal Democrats are the only party to have committed to the £8 billion extra the NHS has asked for by 2020.