Local champions support my re-election campaign - Simon Hughes

Local champions support my re-election campaign



Neil Harris, Manager of local club Milwall F.C, and Danny Maguire - captain of Fisher FC - have both endorsed my campaign to become MP for Bermondsey and Old Southwark for five more years. 

Millwall FC manager Neil Harris said: "Simon Hughes has been a great friend and supporter of Millwall over many, many years - no Member of Parliament could have done more. I personally really hope that he will be the Bermondsey and Southwark MP again after the election."
Danny Maguire, captain of Fisher FC, said: "Simon has been instrumental in bringing Fisher FC home. As always, he has been fully committed to our community and he recognises the importance of having a local football club back in Bermondsey.
"I will be backing Simon Hughes in the upcoming election. He has been extremely helpful to me in my attempts to get onto the property ladder in Bermondsey and goes above and beyond to serve our community with genuine gratitude."

I am pleased to have the backing of three local sporting champions with real Bermondsey pedigree. A Millwall FC club legend Neil Harris, the captain of Fisher FC and a boxing world champion who lived and trained locally. I will always fight to win the support of local people from within our community.