Lib Dems to build 300,000 new homes a year - Simon Hughes

Lib Dems to build 300,000 new homes a year

Local area set to benefit from Liberal Democrat housing commitment.

The Liberal Democrats are seeking to build an ambitious 300,000 new homes a year after a motion was passed at the party's conference yesterday.

The conference motion includes plans for the creation of a Housing Investment Bank to boost homebuilding and deliver homes to help low-income working families who are earning too much to get a place in social housing but unable to afford a home on the open market.

This policy is good news for Southwark where there are close to 20,000 households on the council housing waiting list - an area that is therefore crying out for more homes.

Last month, Liberal Democrat MP, Andrew George, had his Affordable Homes Bill passed through it's first stage in Parliament. That Bill, and yesterday's reaffirmation of its housing commitment, signals the party's strong intention to address the lack of housing available to people in the UK, and places like Southwark.