Jobs - Simon Hughes



Cut £50bn less than the Tories, borrow £70bn less than Labour.

That is what I am fighting to do and it is the only way to the stronger economy and fairer society with opportunity for everyone. 

Since 2010, 6,000 apprenticeships have been created in Southwark, unemployment is at a record low in our community and there are more people in work across the country than ever before. 

I have fought to give 132,000 people in Southwark an £825 tax cut, and the only way to make sure that people on the minimum wage won't pay income tax at all by 2020 is by voting for me on May 7th. People who earn the least in our society should pay less in taxes and those with the broadest shoulders should bear the greatest burden. 

Investing in infrastructure is just one way I will fight to create more jobs in our area. I have been fighting for a new cycling and pedestrian bridge across the Thames from Rotherhithe to Canary Wharf, a Bakerloo Line extension from Elephant & Castle to New Cross, and a new pier too. All of these will create new jobs in construction, tourism and business. 

You won't hear the full story from Labour on the Bakerloo Line. I fought behind the scenes in government so we could have the funding it needs, and I won that fight for you. I will always be in your corner, and fighting for you is the only way I know. 

Labour left us in a catastrophic position in 2010, paying £125million every day on interest payments. I'm sure you remember the note they wrote saying "there's no money left." This community was left with record youth unemployment, and far too many local residents claiming job seekers allowance. The people of Bermondsey do not have short memories.

They still haven't learned their lesson and Ed Miliband still refuses to say sorry for the role he played in the economic mess his Labour government left behind. 

Voting for me on May 7th is the only way you can keep me fighting for a stronger economy and fairer society with opportunity for all.