Albion Street Mid-Summer Market- date for your diary and traders wanted - by James Harper

Albion Street Mid-Summer Market- date for your diary and traders wanted


Albion Street is at the heart of the historic Rotherhithe district, with
excellent communication links, is home to 2 Nordic churches and
cultural centres and surrounded by a cosmopolitan community with
a range of incomes and aspirations.

When the Surrey Docks were at their peak, Albion Street hosted a
booming street market and was thriving retail parade. Times
changed and the street fell by the wayside. In 2012 and 2013 a 3
day Christmas street market was held with the help of SCAN
magazine and LBS to coincide with the long established Norwegian
and Finnish churches Christmas bazaars. The majority of the stalls
had a Scandinavian theme and over 12,000 people attended.
Building on the success of the November markets, Albion Street
Market Task Group, with the help of LBS, SCAN magazine and the
local trades people is now poised to hold a 1 day Mid Summer
Market on 21st June with a Scandinavian theme in addition to the current 3 day November market.

Whilst it is not expected that the June event will attract a footfall on
the scale of the November market, June 21st is an important
celebration in the Finnish calendar so it promises to be a busy and
fun day for everyone. Funding has been secured from Southwark Council.

For more information and stall hire please contact:
ASSG – Albion Street Market Task Group
Email: albion street
Web : @se16albion