In 2014 we must make life easier for the poor and low paid, and the wealthy must pay more

In Bermondsey and Southwark, like the rest of the country, income and wealth are still unfairly shared and many people still do not have the opportunities for work and adequate housing which they need and deserve.

This year I will work as hard as ever for all the people who live in Bermondsey and Old Southwark. Working for a stronger economy and a fairer society will continue to be my key priorities and I will continue to fight for social justice for all in our community and our country. Liberal Democrats are determined to move further and faster to make our borough and our country a fairer place.

I am very clear that over the year ahead we must life easier for the poor and low paid, and that wealthy individuals and companies must make a bigger contribution to solving the economic crisis we inherited.

Just before Christmas I was appointed as the new Minister for Justice and Civil Liberties in the government. As justice, civil liberties and human rights have been my passion since I was a teenager, this new role will give me an additional chance to make a difference for many of my constituents in the months ahead.

In May we also have the opportunity locally to elect a team of Liberal Democrat borough councillors who can take back control from Labour and end four years of failure to deliver the affordable housing and high quality council services local families need.

And in this year of European elections, I will not hesitate to make the case that continuing membership of the European Union for the UK is the best way to increase growth, increase business, and increase jobs for London and all of London's residents.