Hundreds more parents in Southwark to get help with childcare costs – Simon Hughes

A major new childcare package could help up to 9,050 families in Southwark, local Liberal Democrat MP Simon Hughes announced today.

To help with the cost of childcare from autumn next year, families will be given up to £2,000 financial help annually for each child under 12. For under 12s, the government has said it will pay a fifth of childcare costs - with an upper annual limit of £2000 for each child. So a family with two children under 12, for example, could benefit by up to £4,000 annually.

Mr Hughes said:

‘Today’s news provides more financial help for many families with children in Southwark and across London.

‘I am very aware how many parents in our area either want to get back to work or to increase their hours, but struggle with the high cost of childcare. This extra money will make it easier for parents of under 12s to lead independent lives and to support their families.’