Hughes - UK politicians must unite against global corruption - Simon Hughes

Hughes - UK politicians must unite against global corruption

I gave my support this week to ending corrupt practices that remove $1 trillion from the global economy every year. Along with other Members of Parliament, I attended an event in the Great Hall of Westminster six months out from a key gathering of world leaders at the G20 in Australia on November 15th and 16th.

The global EXPOSED campaign, which calls for integrity in all areas of public life, organised the event as part of its efforts to influence the G20 to make important decisions to cut down on corporate practices designed to avoid tax. Many of those present are involved in the All Party Parliamentary Group Against Corruption which seeks to tackle corrupt practices in the UK and across the globe.  

Joel Edwards, who heads the EXPOSED campaign, says, “The hidden and murky world of corruption can be complicated: we understand bribery, but profit shifting, tax evasion, procurement deals and money laundering are complex ways companies and individuals escape paying their fair share of taxes. The good news is that the G20 nations are keen to tackle these things – and Christians are making a loud call for justice.”

The call for action at the G20 follows the UK’s lead in tackling corruption at previous meetings of the G8/G20.

It is estimated that £3000 a second is lost to corruption in Africa alone, and as much as $21 trillion is kept in tax havens by the world’s super-wealthy.

EXPOSED has collected over 73,000 signatures so far from across the world calling on G20 leaders to take action so that all citizens in rich and poor communities can benefit from good governance. The petition will be presented to the Australian PM in June and to the G20 in November.