Hughes - Lib Dems paid price, but Nick Clegg should stay - Simon Hughes

Simon Hughes comments on the local and European election results



Speaking to South London Press, Simon Hughes, Member of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark, has commented on the local and European election results: 

"We should be honest about the extent of this setback locally and nationally, but pro-European parties have suffered in many parts of Europe in the last few days. It is not something unique to us and can't be put at the feet of Nick Clegg. 

There was a strong tide to Labour and all Lib Dems paid a price for that. In Southwark, we were pleased that despite this we held the majority of our council group seats. It is really sad that in Lewisham and Lambeth we lost long-serving councillors and were not able to make progress, nor do better in Lewisham in the Mayoral election.

The lesson from the local council campaign is that we need to be clearer about our proposals - providing affordable housing for ordinary people and families and preventing the sell-off of local housing to foreign investors who are forcing prices up and out of reach of people in the housing queue."