Hughes In the News: Weekly Round-Up - Simon Hughes

Hughes In the News: Weekly Round-Up


Fighting for more jobs, more tax cuts, and a Southwark that is better connected to London

My monthly column:

Southwark News: 30/10/2014, p.23

"In Bermondsey and north Southwark official unemployment has gone down by about a quarter..."

"We are making good progress in building support for new plans for a pedestrian and cycle bridge to connect Surrey Docks with Canary Wharf"


More on the proposed Brunel Bridge:

Southwark News: 30/10/2014, p.22

"A bridge named after the pioneering father and son engineers Marc and Isambard Brunel could be built across the Thames..."

"I strongly believe this bridge is one of the best ways in south-east and east London to ease congestion, promote regeneration, encourage environmentally friendly travel and accommodate London's increasing population."


Old Jamaica Road War memorial will be ready for Armistice

Southwark News, 30/10/2014, p.14

"It's great news the the memorial will be visible and suitable...for Remembrance Sunday this year"


Justice Minister visits NFM as new ‘free mediation’ scheme is set to begin 29/30/2014

"Mr Hughes helped Chief Executive Jane Robey prepare some of the charity’s information leaflets for despatch to families to help them learn more about what family mediation can offer."


More support for separating couples

"I am committed to making sure that when people separate that they do it in the best possible way. Too many people end up fighting expensive and confrontational court battles and I am determined that more people resolve their problems outside of the courts."