Hughes calls on Lewisham Mayor - 'go back and do deal with Millwall now' - Simon Hughes

Hughes calls on Lewisham Mayor - 'go back and do deal with Millwall now'

Simon Hughes, the Bermondsey MP, has today asked  the Mayor of Lewisham to go back into negotiations with Millwall FC now, and reach a deal with the Championship club as well as developers Renewal to end the uncertainty over the future of the New Den.

In a letter today to the Mayor of Lewisham, Simon Hughes MP, who is the Bermondsey and Rotherhithe Liberal Democrat MP and a long time Millwall supporter, has said that it almost unbelievable that the Council has ended up making key decisions about the land  around the stadium, where Millwall and the Millwall Community Centre both have a lease, without first obtaining the agreement of the club.


In his letter today to the Lewisham Mayor Mr Hughes says:

 ‘The Lions New Den is the central feature of the area where Bermondsey and Deptford meet. Thousands of  local residents and other supporters in my borough and far beyond  are angry and amazed that Lewisham Council is making decisions about developments right next to the New Den stadium without the agreement of the club.

 ‘I almost cannot believe that Lewisham Council has ended up here.  The development company Renewal has been gradually buying up more and more of the land near to the New Den, and Lewisham Council seem to have  been getting closer and closer to the developer.

 ‘It is not fair, clever or acceptable for the Council to do deals without the agreement of Millwall about the land over which the club and its Community centre both have a legal lease.

 ‘The Council now needs to act quickly and come back to the table. No deal should be finalised without Millwall’s agreement.

 ‘I am today calling on the Mayor of Lewisham and Lewisham council to put on hold their plans to sell Millwall’s freehold, to enter into serious discussions and to reach a deal with the club and the Community centre.

 ‘The Lions and the New Dean are the pride of thousands in our Bermondsey, Rotherhithe and Deptford communities. We must now give maximum support to Millwall in their fight to secure the future of our club.’


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