Government help available to reduce energy bills now – Simon Hughes - Simon Hughes

Government help available to reduce energy bills now – Simon Hughes

Following a recent visit to the Dickens estate in Bermondsey, where he visited a successful solid wall energy efficiency scheme being delivered by Lawtech, Simon Hughes last week met with the Minister of State for Climate Change, Gregory Barker MP, to discuss what more can be done to support this and similar initiatives, particularly for people living in south London.  

Solid Wall Insulation is of vital importance to improving energy efficiency and reducing energy bills. The scheme in Southwark is one of largest of its kind in Britain, and includes 5,074 dwellings receiving ‘hard to treat’ cavity wall insulation, 1,217 solid wall insulations, 316 insulated flat roofs and 758 properties benefiting from energy efficient glazing.

Simon Hughes is today calling on other local residents now to take advantage of other energy efficiency schemes which Liberal Democrats have introduced in government.  

The government has just launched the Green Deal Improvement Fund (GDHIF) which gives every householder two options:

a) a grant of up to £6,000 for installing solid wall insulation, covering up to 75% of the cost; or

b) up to £1,000 for installing two or more simpler energy efficiency measures including double and secondary glazing, flat roof insulation, condensing boiler, replacement doors, floor insulation, replacement warm air unit, replacement storage heaters, flue gas heat recovery units, waste water heat recovery systems and cavity wall insulation.

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Consumers are also able to claim a refund of up to £100 on a Green Deal Assessment Report (GDAR), and there is also a homebuyers’ bonus of up to £500 if the home improvement is carried out within 12 months of moving home. 

These options mean that householders can obtain up to £7,600 of help with energy efficiency improvements to their home.

Simon Hughes said this week:  

‘We need to kick-start an eco-revolution across Southwark and, in particular, throughout social housing. New schemes introduced by Liberal Democrats in government – such as the Green Deal Improvement Fund - can help with the cost of installing energy efficiency measures such as Solid Wall Insulation. However, many people have not yet taken up the opportunity to receive financial help for energy efficiency from government. I want Southwark residents to have the most energy efficient social housing stock. Anybody interested should look at the government website or contact me now to find out what financial support is available.’


 Note: There are approximately 8 million solid walled homes in the UK, a third of all housing.  Uninsulated solid walled properties are highly inefficient, leaking twice as much heat as cavity wall construction properties, resulting in substantially higher fuel bills for their occupants.  Installing solid wall insulation delivers huge savings for the families living in these homes.