No more Heygates - Simon Hughes

Fighting for more affordable homes


I am fighting for more affordable homes to be built in every new development, it is the only way to have a fairer society. In comparison, there is no better illustration of Labour's scandalous record on housing locally than the Heygate Estate, where over 1000 council and social homes are being replaced with less than 100. 

As Nick Clegg - Deputy Prime Minister - said yesterday when we visited the Elephant together "we have a plan". 

Fighting for more affordable homes

I am fighting to: build 300,000 homes a year across the country - many of which will be affordable; help young adults gain their independence by providing them with government loans in our 'Help to Rent' scheme; and of course take on Labour who all to often cosy up to developers through a detailed 6-point housing hit list that I have drawn up.

The only way to improve the lives of people in our local area is to back my housing plans on May 7th.  


  • Since 2010 Labour have built just 44 new council homes and demolished 1,480.
  • Under the last Labour government, the number of affordable homes went down by 421,000.

And finally, Labour's housing plan locally is a myth, for three reasons.

  1. It's over 30 years so it doesn't actually help anybody now.
  2. It's not a net increase so more homes may be demolished, auctioned or sold through right to buy than built.
  3. It is being funded by allowing developers to get away with no onsite affordable homes, which is particularly hitting the north of the borough hard.