Ed Miliband and Labour still refuse to apologise for crashing economy - Simon Hughes

Ed Miliband refuses to apologise for crashing the economy


Last night in the leaders' debate, Ed Miliband was asked to apologise for crashing the economy when he was in government. Funnily enough, he didn't.

In a clear sign that Labour still haven't learned their lessons from when they nearly bankrupted the country, Ed Miliband refused to say sorry to the people of the UK and our local area.

Please sign my petition today to demand an apology from Ed Miliband.

What you need to know on the economy

We'll borrow £70 billion less than Labour between 2015-2020.










Labour want to take out the country's credit card and use ordinary people as the guarantee, because  it's us who have to make the repayments through our taxes.

We will cut £50 billion less than the Tories over the same period.

Dogs bark. Ducks quack. Tories cut. It's in their DNA. They want to balance the books on the backs of the working poor rather than asking those with the broadest shoulders in society to carry a greater burden.

Which is why...

We'll cut taxes for those on the lowest wages and make the banks pay more


We've already given 24 million people a £805 tax cut since 2010, but under our plans nobody on the minimum wage would pay income tax. We'll also raise the taxes we take from banks and keep clamping down on tax evasion, after clawing back £100 billion from evaders over the last five years. 

We'll balance the books by 2018 and then start investing more in public services like the NHS and transport


Under our plans, the country will be back in the black by 2018/19. Unlike Labour, who will still be wasting money on debt repayments, this means we can increase spending on key areas like the NHS and transport infrastructure. A Bakerloo Line extension from Elephant & Castle can only be paid for if the national economy is in good shape.


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