Celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s life and work in Walworth

We are supporting Simon Hughes' calls for recognition of Walworth as the birthplace of Charlie Chaplin and a permanent memorial in or near East Street.

Simon says: “It was great to celebrate Charlie Chaplin and watch his films in Walworth, where he was born. But it’s about time that Charlie Chaplin had a permanent memorial in or near East Street and that we have a local cinema and museum to celebrate his life and his work.”

“I urge all Chaplin fans to join the campaign so that we can regain our place as the home of Charlie Chaplin.”

Richard Littman, Director of the Coronet theatre said:

“Charlie Chaplin first performed at the Coronet as a child, and we’re immensely proud of his role in our history.  It’s this very cultural heritage which we are striving to protect as part of our campaign to ‘Save the Coronet’, and so we are very much in support of commemorating Charlie Chaplin in Walworth.  

“We will definitely be getting behind the campaign to celebrate Charlie Chaplin’s life and work in Walworth.”

This is a cross-party campaign organised by Simon Hughes MP, Member of Parliament for Bermondsey and Old Southwark.

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