Bring boat building back to Surrey Docks - Simon Hughes

Bring boat building back to Surrey Docks


I am calling for boat building and boat repairs to be brought back to Surrey Docks. The proposal is for a new boatyard on the underused site alongside South Dock Marina, near the Rotherhithe/Deptford boundary.

I have long wanted to bring serious boat building and boat repair back to our part of the Thames riverside.

I believe there are serious operators who would be willing to bring their business to this SE16 site, which the council already own, but which is at the moment underused.

This could bring jobs and apprenticeships back to our part of the riverside and be of great use to many river-based businesses.


Rt. Hon Simon Hughes MP, Councillor David Hubber, and Sean Collins (Thames Clipper)
visit the potential site

I have written to Southwark Council to ask them to get on board with this venture. I hope people and companies interested in a proper SE16 boatyard development will come forward with proposals to put this boatyard back to work.”

I and Surrey Docks councillor David Hubber met on site with Sean Collins, chief executive of MBNA Thames Clippers.

On our visit to the site, I, Councillor Hubber and Mr Collins put our ideas to the local Southwark harbourmaster and to other local residents and workers.

Sean Collins said: “The Thames is in dire need of a new boatyard close to central London. This will help with the day-to-day maintenance of the many vessels which use our iconic river.

“There are currently significant delays to get a boat into dry-dock. This facility could be funded by an independent operator, or could be the property of the council or another public body.

“Vessels often need to dock for less than an hour for minor maintenance. Such a facility does not currently exist without a 24-hour process. The facility proposed could provide a 40 minute turnaround.”

Councillor David Hubber said “I have lived near the marina for many years – and I believe that we can make this proposed boatyard a success for local residents.”