Average income back to pre-crisis levels, says report - Simon Hughes

Average income back to pre-crisis levels, says report


An Institute for Fiscal Studies report on living standards shows average household incomes are back to the same levels they were before the recession began.

The report also shows household income is expected to grow well above inflation this year.

Liberal Democrats formed the Coalition to tackle the economic mess left by Labour and this is another major milestone in our recovery from the recession. 

On entering Government we insisted that the recovery plan would be built on the Liberal Democrat flagship policies of income tax cuts for working people, boosting skills through apprenticeships and making sure that we invested in our regions.

We also insisted deficit reduction should be done fairly, with the best off contributing their fair share.

This recovery simply wouldn’t be happening without the Liberal Democrats in government.  We have laid the foundations for a recovery for all.

But I don’t want just to repair the damage done, I want hardworking families to have higher incomes and pay lower taxes on those incomes.



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