Appointment as Independent Director of the London FA

Commenting on joining the board of the London FA as their Independent Director - his first additional public responsibility since the general election, Simon Hughes said;

'It is a privilege to be asked to join the board of the London FA as their Independent Director. I am much looking forward to this new role.

'One of the crucial issues for grassroots football in London is to make sure that there are maximum opportunities for individuals and clubs to play near to where they live or are based and at a cost  that they can afford.

'I am determined to do all I can to make sure that local, London, and central government do not price children, young people, women and men out of amateur football. This will certainly be one of the issues I want to put on the agenda for the forthcoming London Mayoral and Assembly elections.

'We will never have the home-grown talent in the numbers we want at the highest level in football  if we don't encourage and make it easier for people to play football regularly from the time they start nursery and school.'

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