Affordable Homes - Simon Hughes

Affordable Homes



Everyone in our community knows what the single most important issue is - I hear it on the doorstep from young people, professionals and pensioners alike. 

We need more affordable homes. 

The only way to make sure this happens is to vote for me on May 7th. You need more than warm words, however, so I have a plan that will provide more affordable homes in our local area.

1. I want all new developments in London to consist of 50% affordable housing, not 35% as it is now. 

2. New homes should be advertised locally first, rather than being advertised in places on the other side of the globe before any local resident hears about it. 

3. The public should have right of appeal against Southwark's Labour Council when it breaks it's 35% promise.

4. Housing policy should be based on public need not private demand. 

5. Allow councils to seize homes that have been left empty for a long time so they can rent them out to locals who need a home. This would end the scandal of wealthy investors buying property only to leave it empty. 

6. Developers should publish their calculations on how much affordable housing they can provide (known as their Economic Viability Assessment). At the moment there is not enough transparency and I will fight for that to change. 

On top of this, I believe there should be housing for key workers in London and I will fight to build 300,000 homes a year across the country. I will also fight for young people so they can afford deposits on a rented property when they leave home, by providing them with a £2,000 government loan. 

Labour never tell the whole story when it comes to affordable homes. They have sold out to the big developers. You only need walk around the Elephant and you'll see the full story. One the Elephant? Zero affordable homes. The Heygate? Less than 100 compared to over a 1000 previously. 

The only way to stop the affordable homes scandal in this community is to have an MP who will fight for you and stand up to Ed Miliband's Labour council and take them on every step of the way.