2 million apprenticeships in UK - Simon Hughes

2 million apprenticeships in UK


6000 young people in Southwark help hit 2m apprenticeship goal

Two million apprenticeships have been created in the UK since 2010 with roughly 6000 people in Southwark getting a vital start in life.

Apprenticeships offered by companies such as L&Q and A Suit that Fits, which I visited recently,  performed a crucial role in the local economy.

Apprenticeships are a vital part of building a stronger economy and a fairer society. By ensuring young people are able to earn and learn, we give them the opportunity to get on it life.

That is why I am delighted young people in Southwark have benefitted from fantastic training and employment opportunities that apprenticeships offer.

I’ve seen for myself at L&Q and A Suit That Fits the benefit apprenticeships can give to young people and I’m delighted that over two million young people across England have been able to take advantage."

Fighting for more local apprenticeships in our local area has, and will continue to be, one of my top priorities.

These figures show that this fight is proving to be a successful one. Young people are now able to access high quality on-the-job training so they can acquire critically important skills, allowing them to make more money in earnings over their life time.

It is not just the numbers though. We are creating jobs in all sections of the market. From the space industry to the building industry, from hairdressers to tailors, young people's career choices have never been so varied.

Liberal Democrats are paving the way for the next generation's success, a fact of which I will always be proud.